Column “Kiregire no Humming” | Bungakukai May issue

The May issue of the magazine “Bungakukai” will be published in 7th April. The 41st issue of “Kiregire no Humming”, a series by Satoko Shibata will be posted, which titled “さとこ社長は意味もなくずっとAボタンを連打している”. Everyone, come to the bookstore!
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Dialogue Series | [CINRA.NET] 2人は配信ヘッズ

Singer-songwriter Yo Irie and Satoko Shibata talk about the work of the distribution video service that interests them. A radio-like talk project that allows to freely get off the topic or swell. Episode 3 “入江陽×柴田聡子 入江陽×柴田聡子 YouTubeやドキュメントに潜むアブない「真実らしさ」” has been released!
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WEB RADIO | Satoko Shibata’s Shammgod Talk Drill -Hinamatsuri-

After the tour “Satoko Shibata’s Hitoribocchi’20” was over, Satoko felt that she still needed talk skills. So she decided to regularly deliver “Shammgod Talk Drill”. Following last month’s “Setsubun” special, March is the “Hinamatsuri” special. We look forward to hearing from you.Please enjoy it!
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Gig | わたしのはなし 第3話〜夜明けのピクニック編〜

わたしのはなし 第3話〜夜明けのピクニック編〜

Starring… Momoka Kinoshita / Satoko Shibata inFIRE (Dr._ITOKEN, B._Shinobu Kawai, Cho.&Perc._Ramiko, Vo.&G._Satoko Shibata)

April 9, 2021
OPEN 17:00 START 18:00

Details HERE