Streaming | 5:01®LIVE

To celebrate birthday of Jeans “501® DAY”, Satoko Shibata will perform at the special online live “5:01® LIVE” held at the Levi’s® Harajuku flagship store.

Title: 5:01®LIVE
Time: May 20, 2021 (Thursday) PM5:01 – PM8:00
Cast: Akko Gorilla, Satoko Shibata, FAITH, Shoko & The Akilla
Contents: Special Live & 501® Talk session (Online live streaming)
Streaming site: Levis Official Youtube Channel / SPACE SHOWER TV Official LINE Account

Official WEB:

Column “Kiregire no Humming” | Bungakukai May issue

The May issue of the magazine “Bungakukai” will be published in 7th April. The 41st issue of “Kiregire no Humming”, a series by Satoko Shibata will be posted, which titled “さとこ社長は意味もなくずっとAボタンを連打している”. Everyone, come to the bookstore!
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