Gig | 霓虹綠洲音樂祭 Neon Oasis Fest. ’24 [BAND SET]

On January 20th and 21st, 2024, Satoko Shibata (BAND SET) will perform at “Neon Oasis Fest. ’24” held at Taiwan.
*Performance date is undecided

霓虹綠洲音樂祭 Neon Oasis Fest. ’24
2024/1/20・21 Taiwan: 新北新店文山農場

Satoko Shibata (BAND SET)
Satoko Shibata/Takuro Okada/Haruna Makiyama/Koki Hama/DUB MASTER X

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Tour | Satoko Shibata Tour 2022 [Bochi Bochi Galaxy]

[Added on June 6, 2022]
Additional performance in Tokyo will be added !!

Satoko Shibata Tour 2022 “Bochi Bochi Galaxy”
June 05 (Sun) Tokyo: LIQUIDROOM Details
June 16 (Thu) Kyoto: Takutaku  Details
June 18 (Sat) Fukuoka: Live House 秘密 -Himitsu- Details
June 19 (Sun) Okayama: PEPPERLAND Details
June 25 (Sat) Sendai: FLYING SON Details
June 26 (Sun) Niigata: GOLDEN PIGS BLACK STAGE Details
July 01 (Fri) Nagoya: CLUB UPSET Details
July 02 (Sat) Osaka: Shangri-La Details
July 08 (Fri) Sapporo: BESSIE HALL Details
July 18 (Mon/Holiday) Tokyo: SHIBUYA WWW X Details
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Release|New album “Bochi Bochi Galaxy” Details & Pre-order benefits digest movie

Details of the album such as songs / credits have been announced, and a digest video has also been released from the pre-order bonus “柴田聡子の四万十周遊記 [DVD]”! Pre-order benefits will be closed on the 17th of this weekend. Don’t forget everyone! !!

[Pre-order benefits]柴田聡子の四万十周遊記 [Digest]|application deadline: April 17, 2022 (SUN)

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Release|New album “Bochi Bochi Galaxy” 2022.05.25

The sixth album “Bochi Bochi Galaxy” will be released on May 25th, 10 years after the release of the debut album “Satoko Shibata Jima”. The early reservation benefits is the video work “柴田聡子の四万十周遊記”.

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Release|DIGITAL SINGLE “Silent Holy Madness Allnight”

December 15, Satoko Shibata will be releasing a new single, “Silent Holy Madness Allnight”. The pre-ad/pre-save, which is a streaming pre-order, has also started. The song will be added to your list on the day of release and you can listen to it right away. Please pre-order!
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