Gig | Satoko Shibata Tour 2024 “Your Favorite Things” [BAND SET]

Following the release of the new album “Your Favorite Things”, it has been decided that the band will tour Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka! Pre-orders are now being accepted starting today. Please take advantage of it !!

Satoko Shibata Tour 2024 “Your Favorite Things”
March 2, 2024 (Sat) Tokyo: LIQUIDROOM
March 19, 2024 (Tue) Osaka: UMEDA CLUB QUATTRO
March 22, 2024 (Fri) Aichi: NAGOYA JAMMIN’
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Gig | 霓虹綠洲音樂祭 Neon Oasis Fest. ’24 [BAND SET]

On January 20th and 21st, 2024, Satoko Shibata (BAND SET) will perform at “Neon Oasis Fest. ’24” held at Taiwan.
*Performance date is undecided

霓虹綠洲音樂祭 Neon Oasis Fest. ’24
2024/1/20・21 Taiwan: 新北新店文山農場

Satoko Shibata (BAND SET)
Satoko Shibata/Takuro Okada/Haruna Makiyama/Koki Hama/DUB MASTER X

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WEB RADIO | Satoko Shibata’s Shammgod Talk Drill Vol.24

The last streaming in 2021 will be talking with rapper Akkogorilla and manga artist Akane Torikai. If you have three people, you will surely find the answer. We are looking forward to hearing from you about your concerns, messages, daily events, anything. Merry Christmas!

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