Report and Apology | COVID-19 infection

Report on Satoko Shibata’s COVID-19 infection
On October 18th (Tuesday), she developed a fever and sore throat, so she was tested at a medical institution on the following day, October 19th (Wednesday), and was confirmed to be COVID-19 positive. She is currently recovering at home and under observation.
Along with that, as a result of consideration with her related parties, she has decided to decline or postpone the appearance of the following performances. We deeply apologize to everyone involved in each performance, and above all, to the customers who were looking forward to the performance.
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Release | 「Understood / Understood (KID FRESINO Remix)」 (7inchEP & DIGITAL)

“Understood”, which song was digitally released in October 2021 in the form of a leading single from the latest album “Bochi Bochi Galaxy”, has become one of Satoko Shibata’s new representative songs and has gained a great response. KID FRESINO will be in charge of remixing this song, and it will be released digitally and 7INCH Vinyl on December 14th!

Satoko Shibata “Understood / Understood (KID FRESINO Remix) [7INCH]”
7inch & Digital | DDKB-91024 | 2022.12.14 Release | 2,000yen+Tax | Released by AWDR/LR2
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