Release|”Silent Holy Madness Allnight” (DUB MASTER X Remix) [Digital Only] 2022.11.23

Satoko Shibata, DUB MASTER X “Silent Holy Madness Allnight – Dub’s Galactic Dance Floor Remix”
Digital | DDCB-12118_R2 | 2022.11.23 Release | Released by AWDR/LR2

01. “Silent Holy Madness Allnight – Dub’s Galactic Dance Floor Remix”
02. “Silent Holy Madness Allnight”
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Music Video | “Bochi Bochi Galaxy” Official Music Video

Today, November 11th, along with the LP release of “Bochi Bochi Galaxy”, the music video for “Bochi Bochi Galaxy”, the title track of the album and a remix by Takuro Okada was released in July, has been released. The director is Takafumi Matsunaga of the video production group “Tsurubu Tokyo”.
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TV | Satoko Shibata “柴田聡子の鯖江周遊記~メガネの聖地巡礼~” X SSTV “DMZ -DEEP MUSIC ZONE-” 2022.11.08 [Tue], 2022.11.22 [Tue]

Broadcast Overview
November 8, 2022 (Tue.) 26:00 to 27:00
November 22, 2022 (Tue.) 26:00 to 27:00 (Re-Air)
* It will be on air in about 20 minutes at the beginning of the program.

YouTube Overview
November 8, 2022 (Tue.) 26:00 Release

Music provision | RYUTist “Aurora” 2022.11.09 Digital Single Release