STREAMING|Satoko Shibata X Amazon Music Japan Channel “STREAM with: Satoko Shibata” 2021.10.06 (WED) 20:00

It has been decided to appear on the live stream on Amazon Music Japan Channel. We are planning a live performance + talk with Takuro Okada, a songwriter / guitarist / producer who also participates in “Understood” as a guest player. October 06 (Wednesday) 20: 00- (scheduled for 1 hour) No archive period.
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WEB RADIO | Satoko Shibata’s Shammgod Talk Drill -for the 1st anniversary, “Internet Hitoribocchi” is back!!-

Finally, it will be delivered live at 20:00 after this! There is also a little fun project announcement. stay tuned!

After the tour “Satoko Shibata’s Hitoribocchi’20” was over, Satoko felt that she still needed talk skills. So she decided to regularly deliver “Shammgod Talk Drill”. This time, for the 1st anniversary, “Internet Hitoribocchi” is back!! She sings, plays, chats, and as always, we look forward to hearing from you. Please enjoy it!

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