Lyrics Provision | Cinema “あつい胸さわぎ” Theme song: “それでも明日は” by Hana Hope

2023.01.27 13:00 postscript
The movie “あつい胸騒ぎ” has been published today.

Satoko Shibata provides the lyrics for Theme song of the Cinema “あつい胸さわぎ” which will be released on January 27, 2023.

Theme song: Hana Hope “それでも明日は”
Lyrics: Satoko Shibata
Music: UTA
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Satoko Shibata 柴田聡子

Singer-songwriter / poet. Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido in 1986.

In 2010, she started her activities in the wake of a word from her college teacher.

In 2012, she released the 1st album “Satoko Shibata Jima” produced by Hiroki Misawa. Since then, she has expanded her activities centered on singing. And in 2022, she has released sixth album “Bochi Bochi Galaxy”.

In 2016, she released her first collection of poem “さばーく”. In the same year, she won the New Face Award of Contemporary Poetry Category. She has also attracted attention as a poet, contributing poetry to literary magazines and newspapers, and serializing essays in “Bungakukai.”

In addition to announcing her own work, she has provided music for TV program and for other musicians, Completely independent production including shooting and editing of music videos. The expression does not choose the form.


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