Streaming | 5:01®LIVE

To celebrate birthday of Jeans “501® DAY”, Satoko Shibata will perform at the special online live “5:01® LIVE” held at the Levi’s® Harajuku flagship store.

Title: 5:01®LIVE
Time: May 20, 2021 (Thursday) PM5:01 – PM8:00
Cast: Akko Gorilla, Satoko Shibata, FAITH, Shoko & The Akilla
Contents: Special Live & 501® Talk session (Online live streaming)
Streaming site: Levis Official Youtube Channel / SPACE SHOWER TV Official LINE Account

Official WEB: https://www.levi.jp/501day.html

Column “Kiregire no Humming” | Bungakukai May issue

The May issue of the magazine “Bungakukai” will be published in 7th April. The 41st issue of “Kiregire no Humming”, a series by Satoko Shibata will be posted, which titled “さとこ社長は意味もなくずっとAボタンを連打している”. Everyone, come to the bookstore!
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Dialogue Series | [CINRA.NET] 2人は配信ヘッズ

Singer-songwriter Yo Irie and Satoko Shibata talk about the work of the distribution video service that interests them. A radio-like talk project that allows to freely get off the topic or swell. Episode 3 “入江陽×柴田聡子 入江陽×柴田聡子 YouTubeやドキュメントに潜むアブない「真実らしさ」” has been released!

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Satoko Shibata 柴田聡子

Born in Sapporo in 1986. Inspired by one of her teachers during her college days, she started working mainly in Tokyo in 2010.

two demo CDs (20 songs in total) were recorded by herself in the summer and winter of 2011. The 1st album “SHIBATA SATOKO JIMA” was released in June 2012. In August 2013, she released a 12inch analog record single “UMI HE IKOUKA EP”. In June 2014, she released 2nd album “IJIWARU ZENSHU”.

At the festival / Tokyo 13, theatrical festival, she published “TANOMOSHII MUSUME” including announcing a one-hour monologue.

In 2015, two kinds of live albums were released in June, and in September, the third album “Satoko Shibata” produced by Seiichi Yamamoto was released.

In June 2016, the first poetry collection “SABAQUE” was released. In the same year, she won the 5th El Sur Foundation Rookie Award for Contemporary Poetry. She has also contributed to “Bungakukai”, “Subaru”, “Contemporary Poetry”, and has attracted attention as a poet.

In May 2017, 4th album “DO YOU NEED A REST FROM LOVE?” was released that spun with renowned musicians.

From January 2018 to the present, essay “KIREGIRE NO HUMMING” is being serialized in magazine “Bungakukai”. Following the release of the LP record for the 4th album “DO YOU NEED A REST FROM LOVE?”. And 7inch EP WANKORO METER”, which has already established a killer tune position at the concert, was released in November.

In March 2019, 5th album “GANBARE! MELODY” was released. The first band tour was held in 8 cities nationwide. In October, She released “SATOKO SHIBATA TOUR 2019 GANBARE! MELODY FINAL at LIQUIDROOM” which recorded the performance of tour final.


For booking or any other information, feel free to get in touch.

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