Gig | Satoko Shibata Tour 2024 “Your Favorite Things” [BAND SET]

Following the release of the new album “Your Favorite Things”, it has been decided that the band will tour Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka! Pre-orders are now being accepted starting today. Please take advantage of it !!

Satoko Shibata Tour 2024 “Your Favorite Things”
March 2, 2024 (Sat) Tokyo: LIQUIDROOM
March 19, 2024 (Tue) Osaka: UMEDA CLUB QUATTRO
March 22, 2024 (Fri) Aichi: NAGOYA JAMMIN’
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Release|Album “Your Favorite Things” & Single “Sitting” (DIGITAL)

“Your Favorite Things”
DDCB-12121 | 2024.02.28 Release | 3,000Yen+Tax | Released by AWDR/LR2
Advanced single “Synergy” & “Sitting” included. (All music & lyrics by Satoko Shibata)

Satoko Shibata “Sitting”
DIGITAL | 2023.11.22 Release | DDCB-12121_2 | Released by AWDR/LR2

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