A newly written poem “柔らかいんですね門は” is contributed to the Asahi Shimbun evening edition “あるきだす言葉たち”. It will be posted on March 16th today.
(It will also be delivered in Asahi Shimbun Digital.)

Asahi Shimbun Digital: https://www.asahi.com/rensai/list.html?id=415

Satoko Shibata “Silent Hory Madness Allnight”
Digital | 2021.12.15 Release | Released by AWDR/LR2

Satoko Shibata “Understood”
Digital | 2021.10.06 Release | Released by AWDR/LR2

Satoko Shibata “Satoko Shibata’s Hitoribocchi ’20 in Otemachi Mitsui Hall”
Blu-ray | DDXB-12116 | 2021.10.06 Release | 6,000 Yen+Tax | Released by AWDR/LR2
a href=”https://ssm.lnk.to/MitsuiHall” rel=”noopener noreferrer” target=”_blank”>https://ssm.lnk.to/MitsuiHall