It has been decided to appear on the live stream on Amazon Music Japan Channel. We are planning a live performance + talk with Takuro Okada, a songwriter / guitarist / producer who also participates in “Understood” as a guest player. October 06 (Wednesday) 20: 00- (scheduled for 1 hour) No archive period.

Amazon Music Japan Channel
“STREAM with: Satoko Shibata”

2021.10.06 (WED) 20:00
Amazon Music Japan Channel_Click following URL for audition


Satoko Shibata “Understood”
Digital | 2021.10.06 Release | Released by AWDR/LR2

Satoko Shibata “Satoko Shibata’s Hitoribocchi ’20 in Otemachi Mitsui Hall”
Blu-ray | DDXB-12116 | 2021.10.06 Release | 6,000 Yen+Tax | Released by AWDR/LR2