Satoko Shibata’s Solo Tour “Satoko Shibata’s HITORIBOCCHI ’20” On Sunday, November 8th, at the Toyama performance, the venue for the Toyama performance was changed as follows to avoid close contact between customers in the COVID-19 infection countermeasures.
The date and time will not change, so you can use the ticket as it is.

Nov.8 (Sun.) Toyama: HOTORI (Chuodori HOTORI-ZA)
*Transferred Schedule from May.22 (Fri.)
Nov.8 (Sun.) Toyama: HOTORI-ZA (Live Hall)
〒930-0083 3-3-16-4F, Sogawa, Toyama-shi, Toyama
*Approximately 200m from HOTORI (Chuodori HOTORI-ZA)

TEL: +81-76-422-0821
OPEN 18:00 / START 18:30
*Tickets for the HOTORI (Chuodori HOTORI-ZA) performance on November 8 can be used as they are.
*There is no charge for drinks at the time of admission.

Tickets will be resold due to increased capacity due to venue changes.
Release date: October 27 (Tue.) 10:00-

▼Lawson Ticket (L-code: 51657)