The music video for “Why” has been released from the EP “SLOW IN” released on July 3, 2020. Satoko Shibata, who reaffirmed the joy of video production, mobilized all the video production skills she had learned before and completed it by herself at home.

Satoko Shibata “Why” Music Video
Director / Shooting / Editing / Cast: Satoko Shibata

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Artist: Satoko Shibata
Title: SLOW IN
Release Date : July 3rd 2020
Label : P-VINE
Format : CD & 7″ & Streaming
Catalog ref. : [CD] PCD-4555  [7″] P7-6248/9
Price : [CD] 1500yen+tax  [7″] 3,182yen+tax

1. (sideA) Strange island
2. (sideB) Bad day
3. (sideC) My pal
4. (sideD) Why