Tickets for the transfer performance of solo tour “Satoko Shibata’s HITORIBOCCHI ’20” will be on sale from 10:00 on September 19th (Sat) at each ticket agency.
As all seats are reserved for the Tokyo performance, we have established guidelines for preventing infection with the COVID-19. If you wish to purchase or visit the venue, please be sure to read it.
If you already have a ticket, it will be valid for the transfer performance, so please keep it as it is.

solo tour “Satoko Shibata’s HITORIBOCCHI ’20”
Transfer Performance Ticket General Release Information

September 19, 2020 (Sat) 10:00 – Start of sale

Oct.23.2020 (Fri.) Kyoto: Shimei Kaikan
*Transferred Schedule from May.29.2020 (Fri.)
Lawson Ticket(L-code: 53331) / e+ / Yunakama-Chokubaijo

Oct.24.2020 (Sat.) Hiroshima: LOG
*Transferred Schedule from May.31.2020 (Sun.)
Email reservation only *Please check from the performance details page

Oct.30.2020 (Fri.) Sendai: Rensa
*June 21 (Sun) Transfer for Nobody knows Theater
Lawson Ticket(L-code: 22072) / e+ / Ticket PIA(P-code: 188-024)

Nov.5.2020 (Thu.) Nagoya: Tokuzo
*Transferred Schedule from May.24.2020 (Sun.)
Lawson Ticket(L-code: 42134) / e+ / Ticket PIA(P-code: 185-726)

Nov.7.2020 (Sat.) Kanazawa: Mokkiriya
*Transferred Schedule from May.23.2020 (Sat.)
Lawson Ticket(L-code: 51657) / e+

Nov.8.2020 (Sun.) Toyama: HOTORI
*Transferred Schedule from May.22.2020 (Fri.)
Lawson Ticket(L-code: 51657) / e+

Nov.14.2020 (Sat.) Sapporo: musica hall cafe
*June 6 (Sat) Transfer for Restaurant Noya
Lawson Ticket(L-code: 11378) / e+

Nov.15.2020 (Sun.) Sapporo: musica hall cafe
*June 7 (Sun) Transfer for Restaurant Noya
Lawson Ticket(L-code: 11378) / e+

Nov.20.2020 (Fri.) Fukuoka: ROOMS
*Transferred Schedule from June.13.2020 (Sat.)
Lawson Ticket(L-code: 81958) / e+ / Ticket PIA(P-code: 180-272)

Nov.21.2020 (Sat.) Okayama: Shiroshita Koukaidou
*Transferred Schedule from June.12.2020 (Fri.)
Lawson Ticket(L-code: 62116) / e+

Nov.23.2020 (Mon./Holiday) Matsue: GALLERY MATSUE SEIKOIN-SHITA
*Transferred Schedule from May.30.2020 (Sat.)
Lawson Ticket(L-code: 62116) / e+

Nov.27.2020 (Fri.) Osaka: Music Club JANUS
*Transferred Schedule from June.11.2020 (Thu.)
Lawson Ticket(L-code: 53331) / e+ / Yunakama-Chokubaijo

Dec.5.2020 (Sat.) Tokyo: Otemachi Mitsui Hall
*Transferred Schedule from June.27.2020 (Sat.)
Lawson Ticket(L-code: 72218) / e+ / Ticket PIA(P-code: 185-829)