The jacket images of Satoko Shibata’s 7inch 2sheets EP “SLOW IN”, which will be released on July 3rd (Friday), have been released from today.
In addition to 7inch, it will be released on the same day on CD! Look forward to the digital single “Strange island (Hen na Shima)”, which preceded its release.

Satoko Shibata’s CD & 7inch 2sheets EP “SLOW IN” released on July 3rd (Friday) is like a return to the original point, it’s a simple and focused song, but Satoko Shibata’s emotion is in full swing 4 Song! ! A must-have item where the worldview woven by unique “words” and “melody” develops at a close distance.
3rd album “Satoko Shibata”, 4th album “DO YOU NEED A REST FROM LOVE ?”, 5th album “GANBARE! MELODY” and Satoko Shibata, who has been enthusiastic about pop music with ensemble, is an acoustic work created with only the minimum necessary sound of narration + α. You can fully enjoy Shibata’s original songs and crisp lyrics with a simple bass centering on her own guitar, drums and backing cut off.

In addition, prior to the release, “Strange island (Hen na Shima)” will be distributed from the recorded songs on Wednesday, June 10!
The jacket artwork has been released.
The jacket design is photographed by Yusuke Nishimitsu and designed by Rinshiro Fujiki.


Digital Single “Strange island (Hen na Shima)”
2020.06.10 release / DGP-817 / High resolution(24bit) DGP-818


2020.07.03 in stores / PCD-4555 / Price: 1,500yen(+tax)

1. Strange island
2. Bad day
3. My pal
4. Why

2020.07.03 in stores / P7-6248/9 / Price: 3,182yen(+tax)
* 2sheets / 4tracks / W jacket specifications
* 1st Press Limited

SideA. Strange island
SideB. Bad day
SideC. My pal
SideD. Why