Satoko Shibata’s first album “SHIBATA SATOKO JIMA” was released on June 5, 2012.
For the 10th anniversary of the release, 10 inch vinyl and cassette tape will be released.
In addition to the new liner notes by Ryohei Matsunaga, 10 inch vinyl will include a CD containing the encore of the LIQUIDROOM performance on June 5, 2022, exactly 10 years after its release (playing “SHIBATA SATOKO JIMA” in the order of the songs).

2023.05.24 Release | Released by AWDR/LR2
10INCH+CD (DDJB-91234 [BIDDC-91234]) / CASSETTE TAPE (DDTB-12001)
[Details for Vinyl + CD] [Details for Cassette]