Appearance in “パンと音楽とアンティーク2022” has been decided. Details such as the appearance date will be announced at a later.


September 10[SAT] 11[SUN] 2days
open 9:00 / close 19:00

TICKET: 1day ticket 1100yen, 2days pass 2100yen

First announcement – Music Performer
曽我部恵一、中村一義、ホフディラン、柴田聡子、寺尾紗穂、前野健太、空気公団、ラッキーオールドサン、yonige、新井仁、トリプリファイヤー、青木慶則(ex.HARCO)、残像のブーケ、club snoozer(田中宗一郎/ヒサシthe kid)、カジヒデキ、and more

Satoko Shibata, Takuro Okada “Bochi Bochi Galaxy – Takuro Okada Remix” 2022.07.20 Release

Satoko Shibata “JACKET” 2022.03.30 Release

Satoko Shibata “Silent Holy Madness Allnight” 2021.12.15 Release

Satoko Shibata “UNDERSTOOD” 2021.10.06 Release

Satoko Shibata “Satoko Shibata’s HITORIBOCCHI’20 in Otemachi Mitsui Hall”[Blu-ray] 2021.10.06 Release