For one year anniversary of “Satoko Shibata’s Shammgod Talk Drill” started, the BGM and shouts used in the programs were released! Aim Vol.2!


Track List_
01. Oni no Defense
02. Opening
03. BGM1_Midnight
04. Ageage Hoihoi
05. BGM2_NBA Insta News
06. Ippon
07. BGM3_Strange
08. Kanzenmuketsu no Defense
09. BGM4_Present winner announcement
10. Ooooooooo
11. BGM5_Thank you 1st anniversary
12. Arigato3
13. BGM6_Letters
14. LeBron and Wade
15. BGM7_Goodnight

* Please download the zip file that summarizes the sound source (WAV file) and jacket image (JPEG file). After downloading, unzip it, and enjoy it with your music player.