An interview was published on Real Sound about “Satoshi Shibata’s Hitorobocchi’20 on INTERNET”, which is currently being held, and the EP “Slow In” to be released on July 3rd.

What is “Satoshi Shibata’s Hitorobocchi’20 on INTERNET” ?
the gigs of “Satoshi Shibata’s Hitorobocchi’20” is postponed due to the impact of COVID-19. So, instead of gigs, she decided to deliver streaming gigs from home to each place where the gigs were scheduled, according to the scheduled date and time. No archives planned. I hope you can watch it in real time.

“Satoshi Shibata’s Hitorobocchi’20 on INTERNET”
22 May(Fri) 19:30 for Toyama
23 May(Sat) 18:00 for Kanazawa
24 May(Sun) 18:00 for Nagoya
29 May(Fri) 18:30 for Kyoto
30 May(Sat) 17:00 for Matsue
31 May(Sun) 17:30 for Hiroshima
06 June(Sat) 18:00 for Sapporo day1
07 June(Sun) 18:00 for Sapporo day2
11 June(Thu) 19:30 for Osaka
12 June(Fri) 19:00 for Okayama
13 June(Sat) 18:00 for Fukuoka
21 June(Sun) 17:30 for Sendai
27 June(Sat) 18:00 for Tokyo

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